Review Policy

*I am not currently posting updated reviews on this blog. I am posting high quality photographs and mini-reviews on my Instagram account. If you would like me to review your book, the best way to contact me is to direct message me on Instagram.

I am open to requests from the following sub-genres of young adult fiction:

    • contemporary
    • dystopian
    • fantasy
    • historical
    • post-apocalyptic
    • romance
    • sci-fi

I will accept digital or physical copies of books in exchange for an honest review, but will prioritize physical copies and feature them on my Instagram account.  All books will be rated on Goodreads, and a mini-review as well as a high quality image will be posted on Instagram.



5 hearts – These are my favorite books of all time! When I finish the last page, my first inclination is to start back at the beginning and read the book all over again. I will look back on these as the books I loved and would recommend the most. Typically they have something epically amazing about them that makes them hold a special place in my heart.

4 hearts – These books I really liked! I will recommend them to anyone I think would be interested in reading them. I will definitely continue reading a series with books I rate at 4 hearts.

3 hearts – I like these books, but there was something lacking about them. I might recommend them in specific circumstances, but most likely they are less memorable than higher rated books. I may or may not continue a series of books I rate at 3 hearts.

2 hearts – These are books that had more things I disliked than things I liked about them. I may have enjoyed very few parts of the book, just enough to make me finish reading, but not enough to say that I actually enjoyed the book. I will most likely not continue reading a series with books I rate at 2 hearts.

1 heart – I rate very few books 1 heart (if any at all). This would be a book I was unable to finish because I could not get into the story for some reason. I will not write a review for a book I do not finish.